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Latest development about the BEd program

Dr. Simon Karuku, Former Chair of Department of Education

In the wake of the ongoing curriculum reforms, the Department of Education has reviewed her teacher education programs in order to comply with the Basic Education Curriculum Framework. To this end, the Department has infused the following guiding principles of the Competency-based Curriculum into the reviewed Bachelor of Education (Arts), Bachelor of Education (Science), and Postgraduate Diploma in Education programs:
-    Community Service Learning
-    Parental Empowerment and Engagement: A 3-credit course titled Parental Empowerment and Engagement has been introduced.
-    ICT Integration: This has been achieved by revamping the traditional instructional technology course.
-    Competency-based approach: All the pedagogical content areas, including the methods classes have been revamped to adopt a competency-based approach
-    Diversity and Inclusion: This has been achieved by replacing the Introduction to Special Education course with a new course titled Introduction to Inclusive Education
Additionally, the B.Ed. (Science) and B.Ed. (Arts) students can now choose one of their teaching subjects as a major or minor at the beginning of their second year of study. The department has also introduced new teaching subjects including Computer Studies, Physical Education and Sports, Fine Art, Drama and Visual Arts.
The Department has also introduced a Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching in Higher Education, aimed at equipping lecturers, instructors, and tutors in tertiary institutions with pedagogical skills. Furthermore, the Department had introduced an upgrading certificate in competency based education for those teachers who graduated prior to the introduction of CCB

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