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Dr. Peter Rugano Publications

Publications in Journals:

  • Lopez, A., & Rugano, P. (2018). Educational Leadership in Post-Colonial Contexts: What Can We Learn from the Experiences of Three Female Principals in Kenyan Secondary Schools?. Education Sciences, 8(3), 99.
  • Mumina, B. & Rugano, P. (2018) Gender Inclusion and the CCCF Mechanism: Increasing the Voice and the Benefits for women. Policy Briefing paper, Ada Consortium. Available at
  • Rugano, P., Twoli, N. & Waititu M. (2015). The effect of using multimedia cases on prospective teachers’ self-efficacy beliefs. In A. M Bwire, M. S Nyagisere, J. O Masingila, & H. O. Ayot, (Eds) (2015). Proceedings of the International Conference on Education. Nairobi, Kenya: Kenyatta University (436-447) available at

Presentation of Papers at Academic and Professional Conferences

  • Lopez, A.E. & Rugano, P. (2019). School Leadership in Emerging Economies and the Global South: Challenges and Possibilities. Paper presented at the Canadian Society for the Study of Education Conference, June, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Lopez, A.E., & Rugano, P. (2019). Deepening Educational Leadership and Knowledge: Learning from Experiences of Secondary School Principals in Kenya. Paper Presented at the American Education Research Association Conference, April Toronto, Canada
  • Lopez, A., & Rugano, P. (2018). Towards a Liberated Pedagogy in Low Resource and Emerging Contexts: Educating Teacher Candidates for 21st Century Classrooms in Kenya. Presented at  the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME) 2018 in Memphis Tennessee, USA.
  • Rugano, P. & Masingila J.O. (Sept 2014). Teacher educators’ ideas for using multimedia cases in a sub-Saharan Africa University. Presented at the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science, Buffalo NY
  • Masingila, J. O., & Rugano, P. (July 2013). Using case studies to promote teacher learning. Presented at the 3rd International Conference on Education, Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya.