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Dr. Obura Elizabeth Atieno

Name: Obura Elizabeth Atieno
Title/Qualification: Ph.D.
Position: Lecturer
Department: Education
School:   Education & Social Sciences
Contact Address: P.O. Box, 6-60100, Embu

Short Biography

Dr. Obura, Elizabeth Atieno, earned her Ph.D and M.Ed in Educational Administration and Planning both from The Catholic University of Eastern Africa and B.Ed Arts English/Literature in English from the same University. She teaches Educational Administration and Planning, Instructional Methods, Educational Economics, Educational Assessment and Evaluation, Research Methods, Subject Methods English, History of Education, Subject Methods Literature in English, Sociology of Education, Comparative Education and Contemporary Issues In Education in Africa, Research in Education, Educational Planning, Educational Administration, Legal Issues in Educational Administration, Data Processing and Computer Packages, Fundamental Issues in Educational Administration, Human Resource Management in Education, Resource Mobilization in Educational Institutions and Educational Leadership for the Future among others.  Some of her research areas include Mentoring, professional development, knowledge transfer, equity and equality in education, gender mainstreaming in education, legal issues and policy in higher education, ICT integration in education and educational administration.

Dr. Obura Elizabeth Atieno Publications