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 Dr. Milcah Njoki Nyaga Publications

Journal Publications (2016)

Nyaga, Milka Njoki. (2017). Effectiveness of Physical Exercise on Primary Dysmenorrhea among Female University Students. Volume 5-Issue 1. International Journal of Informative & Futuristic Research Volume 5-Issue 1 ISSN: 2347-1697

Nyaga, Milcah Njoki; Mwai, Kimu. 2016. Contributions of Selected Family Factors to Drug Abuse Among Adolescents in Secondary Schools in Manyatta Sub-county, Embu County, Kenya. Science Publishing Groups. DOI: 10.11648/j.sjedu.20160402.11 ISSN: 2329-0900 (Print); ISSN: 2329-0897 (Online)


Book Title: Good choices Bright future. NEADS publications, Nairobi, 2014
Book Abstract
As a transitional period from childhood to adulthood, adolescence is a ‘period of temporary insanity’. This is a as a result of uncontrollable changes occurring in their bodies and minds. These uncontrollable changes can lead to distortion of interpretation in regard to what is happening in the real world. In addition, Guidance and counselling needs for adolescents fall under three categories: social, academic and career. It is against this background that this ‘Student Pocket Counsellor’ (SPC) strives to guide the ‘Adolescents’ in forming a solid Frame of Reference, which will aid them in making Good CHOICES, and which will eventually pave way for a Bright FUTURE.


PhD. Thesis
Contributions of Selected Microsystems to antisocial behaviours among Adolescents in Secondary Schools in Manyatta Sub- County, Embu County, Kenya
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Masters Thesis
Mid-Life Challenges and Work Performance of Secondary School Teachers in Embu Municipality.
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Presentation of Papers at Academic and Professional Conferences

Contributions of selected Microsystems to Antisocial Behaviours among Adolescents in secondary schools in Manyatta on 1st July 2015 at Kenyatta University